Great Places To Stay In or Around Franklin County Maine

Franklin County in Maine is one of the best places to visit when you’re in the mood for some outdoorsy fun. But where should you stay if you’re going on an extended holiday vacation?  Here are some of the most highly recommended places to stay in Franklin County if you’re going to spend the night—or several nights here. Wilson Lake Inn. This motor inn in Wilton is nestled in a tranquil residential neighborhood by Wilson Lake, and it’s a terrific hotel for many visitors. It has 30 guest rooms including studios and 2-bedroom suites with their own full kitchen. Here the continental breakfasts are free, and for other meals many fine restaurants are just nearby. Here you can use the hotel’s canoe, kayaks, and paddle boats for free, and you can also visit Mt. Blue State Park and University of Maine Farmington. Colonial Valley Motel. Located in Farmington, it is right beside University of Maine at Farmington and also near local gift shops, shopping centers, and restaurants. The motel has 30 units including single and double units, all with cable TV and a Keurig with continental coffee for each guest. It offers sufficient parking space even for large vehicles, and the back of the hotel has an entrance to the snowmobile trails. Guests can also enjoy the nearby golf course, and can participate in skiing, hiking, water activities, fishing, and hunting. We stayed at Colonial Valley Motel one year and our faucet pipe burst flooding our room. As they called […]

10 Facts about Franklin County, Maine

Franklin County in Maine is without a doubt one of the most beautiful spots in the world, and most of its 30,000 inhabitants love it here. Here are some facts about Franklin County Maine that locals love to share with visitors: The region was once the home of the Norridgewock tribe of the Abnaki nation of Indians. However, the tribe relocated to Canada before white people established their settlements in the county. In 1776, five brave young men from Topsham explored the area with the intention of settling here. Their names were James MacDonnell, Robert Alexander, James Henry, Robert Gower, and Stephen Titconib. There’s a lot of open space available here, and there are only about 18.1 people for every square mile of land. Compare that to the national average of 87.4 people per square mile in the whole US. It’s a lot of elbow room for you if you relocate here from NYC, which has an average of 27,000 people per square mile! With less than 31,000 people living here according to a 2010 census, it’s the second-least populous county in Maine. Only Piscataquis County has fewer people with a population of less than 18,000 people. The county seat of Franklin County is Farmington, and it is considered the earmuff capital of the world. In 1873, a 15-year old lad named Chester Greenwood lived Farmington, and he was an ardent ice-skater. He invented the earmuff at a very young age, catapulting the town to earmuff fame. The Maine legislature […]

Things To Do in Franklin County, Maine

If you’re looking at a dry statistical report, facts about Franklin County Maine aren’t exactly fascinating. Over 30,000 people live here, and the largest cities in the area are Farmington, Wilton, and Chisholm. The population is overwhelmingly white, although you may find a handful of Asians, black folks, and Hispanics living here as well. But In Franklin County, the color of your skin isn’t a factor that binds the people into a friendly community. Instead, it’s their love for the outdoors. If you’re a fan of outdoor adventures, then you’re going to fit in smoothly with the rest of the people here. Here are some of the favorite things to do in Franklin County for local residents and tourists alike:

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